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Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Terence Buckley is a former merchant marine, a graduate from the University of Miami, and he earned a Master's Degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2005. He has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe and Central America.

Returning to Florida in 2005, Terence managed several contracting firms, medical firms and a copywriting business. His wife, Lauren, and he moved to Philadelphia in March 2007 to be near their families and give birth to their first son in April 2007. To date, Terence and Lauren have added four more boys to their family.

Since 2007 Terence has built his clientele from scratch, and his clientele include some of the most cutting-edge innovators in Philadelphia. He is proud to work with these businesses and help them progress into more stunning projects. 
Contact Information: Mobile: 215.279.3958 E-mail: terencelbuckley@gmail.com

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Terence is a notary public of the State of Pennsylvania

Buckley Small Business Solutions is a Commercial Registered Office Provider in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.