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Mission Statement
My goal is to provide an organized set of information, so the business owner can make sound financial decisions concerning the direction of his or her business. I often enter a business finding raw financial data in a form unreadable to the business owner, and the decisions a business owner are making are not based upon accurate information. My mission, then, is to find creative ways to organize the information hand-tailored to suit the needs of the business owner. Cash flow forecasts, financial planning, analysis of prior fiscal quarters enable the business owner to see how his or her business has performed, and the organized information provides a confident base from which the business owner can plan for the future of his or her business. 

I view functioning as a bookkeeper and a part-time controller as a disciplined process with great attention to detail. The meticulous nature of my work is essential to getting a firm and controlled grip on streams of raw data entering a business on a day-to-day basis. I believe that not knowing, not having the confidence to go forward with accurate information leaves the success of your business to chance.

Leaving the success of your business to chance or fate is not the reason we go into business in the first place. We go into business because we believe we have a competitive product to offer the market, because we believe we have the vision and the talent to produce something of worth or value to an adequate consumer base. Businesses are investments in our talent, in our willingness to take a chance and step outside of the existing corporate structure and create an environment of our own structure, in our own way that suits our personal needs and the needs of the consumer.

Not all of us have a financial background. Not all of us know everything there is to know about running a business or understand the complexities of navigating a complex tax system. I enjoy the challenge of helping you get there, of assisting you with that navigation. Leave the details to me, so you can get on with developing your talent, with evolving along with your business and developing a finer product for the rest of us to enjoy.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the risks we have to take. I also understand the need to minimize that risk. At bottom, the product I offer is the minimization of that risk, of the unknown. I offer a product of confidence - whether the news is good or bad - we can celebrate or work through the challenges together to make your business run better.

I look forward to hearing your story, to speaking with you about your business, about how you came to take on this venture and about how you wish your business to grow.

All the best,