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I come from a family of independent business owners. Most of what I learned about business is sitting around the table and speaking with my dad, attending his business lunches with partners and clients and listening to what my dad, his partners, and his clients have to say. The rest I learned from working with a variety of independent business owners over the last ten years and assisting them in achieving their goals. 

--Terence Buckley

Terence is a notary public with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Buckley Small Business Solutions is a Commercial Registered Office Provider in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Buckley Small Business Solutions offers part-time controller, tax planning, and bookkeeping services in Philadelphia, its surrounding counties, New Jersey and Delaware. Buckley Small Business Solutions is also a Commercial Registered Office Provider for companies headquartered outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Terence is a notary public.

Terence separates himself from larger bookkeeping firms because he only works with a handful of clients and understands both the nature of small business and tax issues affecting corporate structures. Terence's knowledge of tax code, his understanding of small businesses,  and his creative implementation provides him with an edge. He is always available to discuss any issue with his clients and prides himself on his availability.

Bookkeeping is only one aspect of business; it provides a financial snapshot of what is happening in the business, of what has happened and provides a basis to make future decisions concerning where you want the business to go. Business is not all based on numbers, financial reports and projections - these are only tools, and although Terence provides those tools necessary to achieve a desired level of accuracy, he feels there is much more to a business. 

Terence's goal is to eliminate unknown variables in conducting business because it is difficult to have a variety of questions unanswered: how much does it cost to create a product? What are the tax consequences if I incorporate as a regular C- Corp, S-Corp, or LLC? Are the people working for me W-2 employees or can they qualify as 1099 subcontractors? What will my tax liabilities be if I have w-2 employees? What happens if I take a distribution from my company? These unanswered questions can be troublesome, especially when your livelihood depends on the answers.

Call Terence today for a consultation, and together we can answer these questions and find ways to streamline operations with the purpose of saving you time and money. Perhaps, even more importantly, we can create a peace of mind and confidence to make sound financial decisions concerning your business.